Face Painting for Nonprofit Events

As a children's face painter, I specialize in painting at events for nonprofits and for cities and towns. 

"Shelby is the best face painter I know. She is friendly, professional, and great with kids. She is always open to suggestions and new ideas.  The time she spends researching -- and the care she takes creating -- her more complex designs is absolutely remarkable.

"I am so glad that she face painted for the Fall for the Fells family festival. She did an excellent job and I highly recommend her."

-Ann Frenning Kossuth, Director of Youth Programs at Friends of the Middlesex Fells


If you are interested in booking face painting for a community event, or you have any other questions, please e-mail me at ShelbyMeyerhoff@gmail.com or call me at 617-875-5268.



I love face painting at festivals, fundraisers, holiday celebrations, and more. It is wonderful to see the joy that children and adults get from having beautiful designs on their own faces. And it is rewarding to contribute to events that build community and promote important causes.

My experience includes parties and events for Friends of the Fells, the Fessenden School, the East Boston Early Education Center, the Medford Family Network, New England Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Indian Americans of Lexington, Faith Christian Church, Mount Hope Christian Church, Jewish Vocational Service, My Weekday School, and Ready Set Kids! Read reviews and testimonials from past clients.


I bring to events a booklet or flier of designs, including full-face and half-face designs, as well as smaller designs suitable for arms and hands. I work from a standard menu of designs that are selected because they look great, are popular, and go relatively quickly. If there are any themes you don't want included in the menu, I'm always happy to honor those requests (for example, if you don't want Halloween designs in the autumn, etc.)

Event Logistics: 


I am based in Winchester, Massachusetts and am available to work in the Greater Boston area. My discounted rate for nonprofits is $120 for two hours. I am available for events in downtown Boston and in towns within 30 minutes drive of Winchester (including Cambridge, Somerville, Arlington, Medford, Burlington, Woburn, Lowell, etc.) 

If you are interested in booking face painting for an event or you simply have questions, please e-mail me at ShelbyMeyerhoff@gmail.com or call 617-875-5268.

Materials and Safety: 


Safety is very important to me. All of the paints that I use are made from FDA-approved ingredients, and I select these paints from high-quality brands including Ruby Red, TAG, Wolfe FX, and Mehron. These paints dry quickly and once dry they stay on the face or other exposed skin for a couple hours or more, but they can also be easily washed away with soap and water or wiped away with makeup removers like Neutrogena. I use an alcohol-based spray to sterilize brushes before painting each person. If you are comfortable with glitter being used at your venue, the glitter that I provide is cosmetic-grade and biodegradable.

I follow the International Face Painting Association guidelines not to paint children under two years old and to paint only small designs on children ages 2-3 (which works out well because most children that age prefer small designs and not having to sit still for too long!)

Shelby Meyerhoff Creative, LLC is registered in Massachusetts and is fully insured.


I am no longer painting for children's birthday parties and family events. I have loved this work and am grateful to all of the families who have invited me to be part of their celebrations. But with my own growing family, I've needed to scale back this part of the business.


My experience includes teaching art at the Umbrella Community Arts Center and Ready Set Kids! If you are interested in my teaching at your school, nonprofit, or other community setting, please e-mail me (ShelbyMeyerhoff@gmail.com) or call (617-875-5268).

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Shelby Meyerhoff Creative, LLC, is based in Winchester, Massachusetts.



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