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Fallen Finds


This series is an exploration of the complexity of nature found even in quotidien settings and at a smaller scale. It started when my daughter was a toddler and we took walks around our suburban neighborhood on a daily basis. As she stopped to sashay through fallen leaves clumped along the sidewalk, splash in a puddle formed by an overnight rainfall, or gather pebbles from a gravelly bed on the side of the road, I too paused and took notice.


The smaller details and delights found in these small patches of nature drew me in. I found myself enchanted by the curls and twists of fallen leaves, and the graceful compositions they form in relation to surrounding rocks, moss, sticks and pavement. As my interest has grown, I have continued taking photographs in our neighborhood and the Middlesex Fells forest near our home.


It can feel as if nature is receding, and indeed our wild areas shrink every year, to our peril. But my attention here is drawn to what can still be found, what still has the potential to move us and connect us with the natural world.

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