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In Zoomorphics, I paint my face and body, and photograph myself as creatures inspired by the natural world. The resulting images draw attention to our interconnection with all living things. 


Through my work, I explore both the joy and the vulnerability that come with being alive on this planet. Zoomorphics is not only about radical empathy for other species, but about recognizing our commonalities and our shared peril in a time of environmental destruction. In the midst of climate change and other crises, humans are not only a threat to life on earth, but also an integral part of the solution.


While some of the creatures alluded to in my work are from faraway places, others are inspired by what I encounter on my walks in the woods near my home. Being present to our surrounding ecosystems, and all that lives within them, is an important part of my practice and message. Zoomorphics is not a eulogy. It’s a call to engagement, to being in nature and celebrating our place within it, and to protecting what remains.

Zoomorphics photographs are available as archival pigment prints, in signed editions of 10+2AP, inclusive of multiple sizes.

Installation Views

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