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Acquire Prints

The Zoomorphics prints shown at Studio 213 are available as archival pigment prints, in signed limited editions of 10+2AP, inclusive of multiple sizes.


All prints are available to order at the size of 21.3” on the long side x 16” on the short side, for $500 unframed. In addition, the following four photographs are available at 40” x 30,” for $900, without mounting: “Zoomorphic #1 (Mallard Duck),” “Zoomorphic #4 (Blue-Ringed Octopus),” “Zoomorphic #36 (Birch Tree),” and “Zoomorphic #34 (Flamingo).”


If you are interested in custom sizes for any print, or ordering prints with framing and mounting included, please inquire. If you would like to buy a framed 21.3"x16" print off the wall at SOWA, the framed price is $700 total (with the frame in used condition).

To acquire a print or ask any questions, please contact 

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