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All Things are Connected: Solo Exhibit of Zoomorphics and Multiverses

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The Higgins Art Gallery is proud to present All Things Are Connected, a solo exhibition by Spring Artist-in-Residence Shelby Meyerhoff, on view March 27-April 16, 2024. Meyerhoff is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice incorporates painting, photography, performance, digital drawing, and other mediums. In All Things Are Connected, she brings together two bodies of work: Zoomorphics and Multiverses.


In Zoomorphics, Meyerhoff paints her own face and body and photographs herself as creatures inspired by the natural world. The resulting images draw attention to our relationships with all living things. Her works on exhibit span from 2017 to 2023, showing the breadth of her transformations in this ongoing series. 


In addition, All Things Are Connected marks the exhibition debut of Meyerhoff’s Multiverses series, which came out of her pandemic experience of turning to nature and imagination at a time of trauma. The prints in the Multiverses series are created through a step-by-step process that includes painting on canvas, photography, and digital drawing. Both bodies of work explore the hidden connections between seemingly disparate things: between humans and other species, and between what is and what might have been.


Higgins Gallery

Tilden Arts Center at Cape Cod Community College
2240 Iyannough Road
West Barnstable, MA

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Multiverses I

Multiverse I, 2020-2023

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