In her Zoomorphics series, Meyerhoff is painter, performer, and photographer.

In advance of her transformation, she makes preparatory sketches in a variety of media, including paint on paper and digital drawing. She then creates each photograph in a single day, in a process that can take up to eight hours.


To transform herself, Meyerhoff applies professional-grade face and body paint, cosmetic glitter, and hair color spray. She paints in front of two mirrors, a tabletop mirror (for detail work) and a full-body mirror. Then, embodying a new creature, Meyerhoff performs in front of the camera. Most of her photographs are shot indoors, in front of solid-color cloth backdrops. Her camera, an Olympus mirrorless 4/3, is mounted on a tripod. Meyerhoff controls the camera wirelessly, using an iPhone.

Featured below is video of Meyerhoff transforming herself live at the Arlington Center for the Arts's Blue Jean Ball VIP Reception, in April 2022. Video by Nancy Nichols, with guitar by Chris Brenne.