In her Zoomorphics series, Meyerhoff is painter, performer, and photographer.

In advance of her transformation, she makes preparatory sketches in a variety of media, including paint on paper and digital drawing. She then creates each photograph in a single day, in a process that can take up to eight hours.


To transform herself, Meyerhoff applies professional-grade face and body paint, cosmetic glitter, and hair color spray. She paints in front of two mirrors, a tabletop mirror (for detail work) and a full-body mirror. Then, embodying a new creature, Meyerhoff performs in front of the camera. Most of her photographs are shot indoors, in front of solid-color cloth backdrops. Her camera, an Olympus mirrorless 4/3, is mounted on a tripod. Meyerhoff controls the camera wirelessly, using an iPhone.